downWorld Free Gem Survey 2

Want another 20 free gems?  Check your inbox and do the survey (regarding storyline)

downWorld asked me not to post survey codes anymore because it ruins player feedback.  We want the game to improve!  So go ahead, do the survey… it helps. And thank you ^_^

What do you guys think about the storyline?
Please leave a comment below.  Thanks!

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  • SimplyNati

    Hey Skye, I feel like you are really neglecting this website. No more codes, no pictures and little info. Your other website, OGC, has also been neglected. The categories are set up all wrong. Monthly items in cheats?

  • ultimategemXxX

    this is my ourworld and down world name but the gem codes don’t work on either :(

  • Bunnygirl18857

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it easier to get gems! What if a monster drops it when you finish fighting it? I mean for me its impossible to get gems on downworld and ourworld! MAke it possible and easier to get gems on both games PLEASE! And I tried a coupon on downworld and it didn’t work! Im super angry! Also Skye Pie do you work for downworld and ourworld? and if so what is it like? do get free gems and stuff? Everyone friend me on the sites! Doesnt matter which sites! On ourworld look up Too Awesome123 and that will be me! Im dresses completly in blue. And on downworld look up Kaylie18857 I am dressed mostly in blue so friend me please! oKAY THANKS ALOT BYE!

  • little love

    the games story line is alright but i dont really under stand it that much

  • John

    where the fuck are the gem codes 4 Nov?!?!?!?!?

  • Silva

    i want gems give to me plz 200 gems or 20 plz

  • Silva

    add me friend

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