downWorld Dusk Battle Box


DownWorld Dusk Battle Box

The Dusk Battle Box is for caster class only.  All the items inside the box are listed below.
Crammed full of super-powered weapons, which one will you pull out?

Flayne Shardstaff
Meteora Bendix
Telocene Varicade
Catalyte Darkmoor
Farseer Arae Obscura
Glimmerine Archanox

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  • Ishandra

    So how do you go about getting one of those boxes anyway? I don’t see them in Vorik’s shop.

  • PuRpLe FrEaK

    how can be a downworlder?

  • Angelic Diablo

    I got the Darkmoor…Compared to the stats from my Suspensor Rod….Its crap…And the Darkmoor is 2 levels higher then my Suspensor Rod…It makes no sense…d:

  • Angie Bu

    i got flayne and sold it 
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  • xInfinity

    I got meteora.. I wanted catalyte, but this is cool too c:

  • Emergency Call

    AWESOME *_* But im not caster :/

  • Gladiator

    WAT ABOUT BREAKERS?!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Natsume923

      Breakers had the Oblivion boxes.

      • Angie Bu

        and the eclipse boxes

  • supernova

    they have breaker one to

  • GUest


    • GUest

      XO WHYYY 

  • Natsume923

    Glimmerine will be mine!!

  • Topspin

    The staffs seem only for Casters.

    • Gladiator

      u dont say -_-   idiot

      • Skye Pie

        Hey hey… play nice.

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