downWorld Frost Armor Box (Breakers)

2011 Frost Armor Box
(Breaker Class Only)

Soon, you’ll be able to get Frost Armor items. These items will boost your defense like never before!

Click here to buy (November 1st, 2011)

Frost Armor Helmet

Frost Armor Swords

Frost Armor Shoulder Pads

Frost Armor Vest

Frost Armor Belts

Frost Armor Braces

Frost Armor Shields

Frost Armor Knee Pads

Frost Armor Boots

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  • C Goolsby

    So this is crap…where do you find these Frost Armor or the Dusk Battle Boxes?!? I’d like to know!

  • Sampi


  • Naggy Turtle


  • Naggy Turtle

    Type your comment here.I will be one soon, with TheSuperRares,

  • Naggy Turtle

    There are no top commenters here anyway lol.

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  • Naggy Turtle

    Type your comment here.ModaFuda

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  • Naggy Turtle

    Mahahaha nobody comments here.

  • Naggy Turtle

    Its better than the casters ;)

  • Shaaaalaaaaa

    What about the girl version!!!!