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  • nightlock 101

    all of these dumb gem codes stink, they DON’T work.

  • Alvaro

    what is the gem code this moth?

  • rstar

    i dont want the gem codes that work for the toolbar

  • Mehigh Balaceanu

    470B-82C9-C977-3FC0 its the new gem code for 10 gems try it

  • master x

    EB88-04F5-9816-10EB its the new gem code for 10 gems try it

  • yellow flash

    where can we wright  a coupon code in the game ????????????

  • master x

    my name in the game is ramel

  • master x

    need gems

  • Cillianbates2000

    MEMMEES doesnt work

  • NINJA555

    UPLOAD GEMS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NINJA 3


  • Avata

    D290-052D-14EF-AD88, it’s the new code. My name on the game is Avata.



  • Avata

    Please, put the new gem code!

  • Catccaatt0

    These Are All Expired D: Can Somebody Put One That Works?

  • Canada123

    what is aprils gem code

  • Canada123

    whats aprils gem code

  • phukhao

    what’s this month code

  • mitchell baker

    were do u put this cheat in

    • Gnied123

      under user settings

  • Syasya_cute1999

     i need the code of this week….im bored n i wanna shopping…who get it plz reply ma post…!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2XH26BRGFSVR5CL4MIH5K64ICY Miriam Woseley

    whats up

  • http://web2.ourworld.com/ow/?env=home chocolatesprinkles♥


    • Liako

      eisai malakas

  • http://web2.ourworld.com/ow/?env=home chocolatesprinkles♥


  • http://web2.ourworld.com/ow/?env=home chocolatesprinkles♥


  • http://web2.ourworld.com/ow/?env=home chocolatesprinkles♥

     I P O I H G T O N Y O U B R C X Z K N M

  • http://web2.ourworld.com/ow/?env=home chocolatesprinkles♥


  • sinogirl

    new gemcode: 8A5C-C99B-240E-DB77

    • sinogirl

      20 gems as well

    • Gnied123

      where did u find this?

  • the chill

    NEW 20 GEM CODE FFO1-1268-CA21-3OB4

  • hIYAS

    My name in DW is: This Game
    XD Aint it awesome :D

  • Plastic Hero

    hmmhhm i don’t get downworld, bud i took the names paris and megan when it was new
    muhahaa >:3

  • XxNisalee513xX



  • Munteanclaudiu012


  • Moonshine

    who makes this blog?
    can i become an author, i have a LOT of gem codes and updates.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ruoxuang Goh Xuan

    Try this code FF01-1268-CA21-30B4 If it works please [like]

  • Saathvikputhran

    My username in downworld is mighty

  • Saathvikputhran

    This coupon has expired

  • Guest

    Dear DownWorld Gem codes, How about you start updating your site more often? Thank You.

    • DWG

      dear Downworld gem codes how about getting your hand from your ass and starting to care more about for this site

  • Moonshine

    make another one, this expired. D=

    • Emergency Call

      They dont make. Downworld make :|

      • Moonshine


        add me oOTouchOfCxiOo if u want to find out what it is, or email me. :D

  • Dubstep Monkey

    ourworlds doing this to get more money when people play downworld

  • wesleyheijnen

    i already got all data for codex xD

  • Cxxichick

    it doesnt work!

  • Andytopkentso11

    I have 9.283Gems i Don’t want this cupon code.!!!!

    • Sd

      if you had that many gems you wouldnt comment on this site

    • Pierre harlin

      do u know the coupon code could u give me it

  • tarbis

    great, thank very much for the code ^o^

  • Sampi

    cool, why dont they have codes for 20 gems on OurWorld? >=S

    • Dubstep Monkey

      they used to

      • Emergency Call

        They did? :O

        • Dubstep Monkey


  • Slut

    man you tottally forgot to put the new updates

  • Aleksandraa

    thanks you ! <3 <3

  • Canadian Hobo

    Hi , im just wondering is your  ourworld gem code blog working ?
    because every time i go to it , it says ERROR. :(
    Pleaseee Reply :)

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