Upcoming downWorld News!

Upcoming downWorld News


Now, once Elite, always Elite!

Elite Deal!

Pay a small amount ONCE and be Elite FOREVER!

Free Layers for Elites!

Become Elite and enter all Layers for free!

Hideouts and Player Dungeons!

Coming soon!

Click here to play!

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  • Meowfurdanda

    My Elite pass expires 2092 xD

  • Forever in Color

    i have been really missing out on dW

  • Forever in Color

    FOREVER an elite? I wish that happened in ourWorld, too. D:

  • Tylerswansey

    what if u r all ready an elite

  • Natsume923

    Would the same thing apply if u use a pass?

    • http://www.facebook.com/TanimPWNAGE Tanim Uddin


  • Estela16


  • XxNisalee513xX

    new code (20 gems) :)

  • Anonymous

    What if someone pay for it and then the site decides to shut down? Rofl this just sounds to good to be true. x_x

  • Aisa

    Seriously, Elite forever? o_o Oh wow, that sounds extremely cool. 
    But I wonder if, we pay, for example, $20, and become Elite forever, they’ll give us gems every month. Like, it’ll work as Elite passes, but forever.
    We’re Elite, but we don’t get gems. 
    It sounds just too good for be real. :I 
    But, if it does, give gems us every month, I’ll totally pay for it. o_o 
    Thank you for the post! ^^ 

  • S0MEB0DY

    Oh that is cool :)

  • Wantedx

    i would take it.. if u didnt have to pay for it o_O

  • Guest

    i WANT that! ) O.o

  • kendall225

    Yay, First :P, Thats so cool!!! And really generous of DownWorld in a way. But Awesome!!!!

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