Upcoming downWorld News!

Upcoming downWorld News

Hideout Furniture!

Make your Hideout the most awesome one around!


Make your OWN DUNGEONS and let your imagination run wild!

More Dungeons!

Join the Elite and get TEN Dungeons with TEN rooms each!

Battle Board Dungeons!

Who’s got the coolest Dungeon of them all?

Lower Prices!

Seize a bargain by choosing lower-level items.

Wings and Head Tattoos\!

Radiate subtle, hidden power with these Tattoo boosts\!

Click here to play!

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  • Perfectone

    Cmon guys, maybe new code or smtng..?

  • Superdude

    ourworld is much bette

  • XxNisalee513xX

    y sint the NEW 20 gem code nt workin?
    even last times 20 gem code didnt work :(
    i realllyyy wanna go to layer 3 x/

    • Secret

      This is the new downworld code BC32-E42D-B57E-692F ^^

      • XxNisalee513xX

        thnks a milll!!
        i finally got into layer 3 cuz of you <3
        i tried this coupon yesterday but i saw the last part as -892F in the laptop, so it ws unknown
        thnks again!! :D

  • Insanepurpleperson

    Can someone help me? My name is xCrazy for Youx

  • Mark

    Samee. how often do you update the gem codes or there’s a new code? o.o

  • siskins

    :I waiting .. waiting O.o waiting O_0 FOR THE 20 GEM CODE         

  • Tylerswansey

    where do you get the tattooos

    • Natsume923

      They are under the horns category.

  • Tylerswansey

    its feb 6th no dungens or tattoos

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Angel-Dark/100001718733103 Angel Dark

    hello. i am bored of DW cuz i am in layer tho and i beat all monsters of all layers and i am bored. I am at level 23 and my name is Irene. I dont have gems and it is so bored, but i think that OW is DA BEST! I LUV OW. LEVEL 82, NAME XxMiSs VaMpIrExX bye :)

  • siskins

    OMG this is a glitch but it AWSOME~~~~ ok when i get a quest to defeat agents instead its show that im battling myself lol the real me won though.

  • Tylerswansey

    when r the tattoos comin

    • siskins

      feb 6th

  • YouLoser 8D

    Well that Is Awesome 
    BUt i’m not playing downWorld anymore

  • Topspin

    Do we have to be elite to get hideouts and dungeons?

    • Natsume923

      Hideouts are for everyone and Dungeons are for elites.

      • Topspin

        How can i find hideouts? I am a n00b o.0

        • Natsume923

          My guess is that hideouts are the DW equivalent of OW condos so it should come up in the menu.

          • Topspin

            I tried, but i can’t see hideout.

  • Annorelka

    NEW GEM CODE FROM OURWORLD (but it doesn’ t work for me…)

  • Caster of Mayhem

    massive glitch in dw…my enemys are getting extra turns without matching 4 in a row……this is happening at least 2 or 3 times in each battle and im losing again and again….plz help

  • XxNisalee513xX

    why is the new 20 gem code  5D37-827B-9990-56B2 stated unknown
    i got so excited cuz ill finally be able to go to layer 3 but it wont work :(

    • Aisa

      I know, I tried it on downWorld, but it said it was unknown. .-. 
      Maybe they’ll fix the cupon code later.

  • XxNisalee513xX

    these updates look cool
    i got bored of dW cuz i got stuck in layer 2
    i have 83 gems, another 20 gem code will send me to layer 3 :)
    im kinda lost, when u have gained enuf XP to level up y dont u auto level up now?
    do u have to fight one battle or sumthin?

    • S0MEB0DY

      I’m kind of lost too o_e Lmaoo

  • Tylerswansey

    so when is this going to happen

    • http://www.facebook.com/TanimPWNAGE Tanim Uddin

      6th Feb

  • Tylerswansey

    what if u r allready a member do u get the ten dunguns

  • Aisa

    Finally, something cool!
    downWorld was getting boring because they haven’t added levels. :L
    I’m waiting for it! ^-^