Gem Code!

How about 20 gems?


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Upcoming downWorld News!

Upcoming downWorld News

Hideout Furniture!

Make your Hideout the most awesome one around!


Make your OWN DUNGEONS and let your imagination run wild!

More Dungeons!

Join the Elite and get TEN Dungeons with TEN rooms each!

Battle Board Dungeons!

Who’s got the coolest Dungeon of them all?

Lower Prices!

Seize a bargain by choosing lower-level items.

Wings and Head Tattoos\!

Radiate subtle, hidden power with these Tattoo boosts\!

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Free 20 Gems!

How about 20 gems?


Enter it in at…


Upcoming downWorld News!

Upcoming downWorld News


Now, once Elite, always Elite!

Elite Deal!

Pay a small amount ONCE and be Elite FOREVER!

Free Layers for Elites!

Become Elite and enter all Layers for free!

Hideouts and Player Dungeons!

Coming soon!

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downWorld Forums!

The downWorld Forums are now live!

You can post and make topics, but there aren’t many categories yet.

The thread size is a bit smaller than the ourWorld forums but that’s not a problem, it’s still very buggy as in the avatar images don’t show on posts and the edit&quote buttons aren’t visible.

I like the layout a bit more than the ourWorld forums tell us your opinions inn the comments!

So what are you waiting for?

Go onto the forums now!

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Forum” at the header
  3. Login and post!

Layer 6 Sneak Peeks!

Layer 6 will be arriving in downWorld soon!

Are you ready?!

Here are some sneak peeks to give you a glimpse of what you should get yourself ready against…

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