downWorld Game Card Code: Contest

Sorry it took forever to post this. I’ve been crazy busy setting up some new sites and features!

Here’s the Twitter Contest code!  Wooooooooo, first one to use it will win, obviously… of course the first one to use it will win! Duhhhhh ;P


Thank you all for following us. I think we have 108 followers. The next contest we’ll do will be on Facebook and we’ll give out boxes or something.

downWorld Twitter Contest

You can win 300+ gems, a rare pixie pet, residency and more! Follow downWorld on Twitter and get tweets sent directly to your phone.


On July 22nd, 2011, downWorld Guide will send out a special pin code (via Twitter) for 300+ gems, 1 month residency and a special pixie pet! Simply follow us on Twitter. Get updates sent directly to your phone and be the first person to enter the code. It’s that simple. Just click on the image above and good luck!

**I will send out a message beforehand, giving a time frame of when the code will be sent out.
For example, I may tweet, “Special Gem Code being sent out during the next hour. Stay updated!”

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