downWorld Game Trailer

downWorld Game Trailer

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Play downWorld!

downWorld Videos: Intro to downWorld

downWorld Tutorial
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Getting Started

Welcome to downWorld – a new world to explore as you delve deep into the planet.

What is downWorld?

A series layers doing ever deeper.

Express Yourself!

Collect great weapons and armor.

Defeat monsters and find treasure

Find and fight opponents in the world and take their loot.

Connect with your Friends

In downWorld you can chat, post comments and send messages to your friends in a safe and fun environment.

Own the world

Become a champion of downWorld.

downWorld Videos: Caster Invincibility

Aegis Reflector Invincibility
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Best downWorld Cheat yet! When Aegis Reflector is active, Casters cannot be killed.

downWorld Videos: Winged Terror Boss

Winged Terror Boss
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Flowplay Inc. – downWorld Beta (BattleCraft)

The music in the vid is from Pokemon. It was never in the game, ever.

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