downWorld Basics: Multiple Accounts

Multiple downWorld Accounts

No more having to go through the hassle of making millions of noobs!
Create multiple downWorld Accounts, from your existing one.

Whenever you visit your user profile, you’ll see a button by your fighter class.  Click the button so the Identity Manager appears.  Add a new downWorld identity and start the game all over, from a level 1 noob!  The noob’s name will be your existing username, as well.  Oh.  And don’t worry about your existing downWorld account.  It will still be there, with all your items, if you ever want to switch back.  I’m not sure how many noobs you can add.  However, it does cost gems after you add your first noob.

Please Note: The noob account will have everything your primary account has.  If your main was an Elite Member, then your noob will be an Elite Member.  If you had gems on your main, then your noob has those gems too (same with coins).

The best way to get gems, quickly, on downWorld is to create an entirely new account using an email.  After you’ve signed in and confirmed that account, then become an elite through it.  It will cost you $5.99 but it’s so worth it.  Not only will you get the 150 gems, but you will also get bonus gems as well.  Now simply gift your main account with whatever items you need.  Yeah, it cost money… but it’s the best deal you’ll find on downWorld!  It’s even better than any of those silly ads.  For the amount of time it takes to watch an hour of ads, you might as well get a minimum wage paying job and simply buy gems.

Anyway, that’s all. I wrote a little more about downWorld today, heheh. Sorry for the long read!  See yah in the game ^_^

Click here to play downWorld!

downWorld Trading System

downWorld recently introduced a new trading system.  It’s simple and easy to use (genius, really).

See an item you like?  Click the Buy button.  Before you confirm your purchase, you’ll see an added feature asking if you’d like to “trade an item for shop credit?”  Pick trade.  If you have an item in your inventory worth gems, then you’ll be able to exchange it for your desired item.  See the steps below for a visual explanation:

Step 1: Pick A Trade

Trade an item for shop credit?  Click Pick a Trade!

Step 2: Pick item to trade

If you have an item worth gems in your inventory, then you can choose to trade credit for the desired item.
I chose to trade 1 of my Eclipse Battle Boxes for 18 credits.

Step 3: Confirm Purchase

Instead of paying the 200 gems for the Cryolite Set, you now pay 182 gems.
This is because I chose to trade my Eclipse Box for 18 gems.

downWorld Player vs Player (PVP)

downWorld recently added a player vs player feature.  You can battle other players by clicking The Arena icon located at the upper-left of your map.

The matches are played like a Bejeweled Multiplayer game.  You challenge a player to battle.  You match the colors, just like you’d do with the computer.  If you win, you gain full experience.  If you lost, you gain half experience.  You can challenge anyone in The Arena.  And you will gain ratings after battling a certain number of times.

It seems the Breaker Class is much better than the Caster Class.  This may change in the future, as downWorld upgrades and new moves are added.

Thanks for reading. And sorry about the lack of posts.  There isn’t much to post in downWorld.

downWorld Battle Board

Battle Board will track the highest rated fighters in downWorld! It does so by keeping track of quests completed, monsters defeated, and battles won. This is a neat little feature. Hope you love it! ;D

downWorld Group Enemy HP

My bro, Lubuking, sent me an interesting picture the other day.  Check out the HP of the guy below:

While being grouped, HP is calculated differently.  Enemy base HP is multiplied by the number of players in your group. As you can see, in the photo above, Deathwalker’s HP is over 21,000! Megalectro!!! O_O

downWorld Location Map

There are some new options on downWorld and you can change where your from.

Now you can be from space!
Hello earthlings.
I come in peace heheh ^_^

downWorld Tutorial

downWorld Tutoral
When you first register to downWorld, you’ll have to choose between a Breaker or Caster.  We think the Breaker class is better.  You’ll have an easier time choosing upgrades.   Once you’ve chosen your class then it’s onward to the next part!

Align those colors
The goal in downWorld is to align 3 of the same color.  Align 4 colors for +damage and +1 extra turn.  Align 5 colors for ++damage and +2 extra turns.   Always look for chains of 4 or 5 before making your final decision.  This will allow you to gain flow early on.

Pro-Tip: Always try matching 4 or 5

downWorld Damage Multiplier
The amount of damage you do depends on your handheld items and gloves.  Some players, who are working on a high attack build, will only put points in a certain color.  This gives opportunity to deal massive damage.  However,  enemies later on have heavy armor.  So it’s always a good idea to have a second color with decent attack.

Align 3 colors and do 3x damage

You do damage for every 1 color symbol destroyed.  Let’s take the image above for example.
We have 7 points in our blue attack.  Destroy 1 blue symbol and do 7 damage.  Destroy 2 blue symbols and do 14 damage.  Align 3 blue symbols and do 21 damage.  Align 4 blue symbols and do 28 damage.  Align 5 blue symbols and do 35 damage.

Gain Flow.  Spend Flow.
You gain +1 flow for every turn.  If you align 3 stars then you’ll gain +3 flow.  In the image below, we have 7 flow.

Attack or Defense
Armor and weapons play a vital role in downWorld.  You can either choose to have high attack skills or have high defensive skills.  Choose wisely, as this will change the quality of the game for you.

Lurker Staff

Lurker staff will add 24 to red base damage.  6 to blue base damage.  2 to yellow base damage.  5 to green base damage.  27 to purple base damage.
Handheld items and gloves give attributes to attack points.

Lurker Vest Mk II

Lurker Vest Mk II will add 3 red to armor.  39 blue to armor.  4 yellow to armor.  3 green to armor.  7 purple to armor.
Shoulder, belts, boots, knee pads, jackets and headgear give attributes to defense points.

downWorld Surge Points
Surge points allow you to upgrade your character with special moves.  This can be the most difficult part of the game.  Choose the right surges and the game will be very easy.  Choose the wrong surges and the game will be very hard.   We will have an entire section explaining the different kinds of upgrades.  For now, pay close attention to which surges are best for you!

Surge Points

Onward To Victory
Now that you know the basics of the game, you should have no problems getting started.   And don’t worry if you’re not good at first.  You’ll get better as your play more!  See you in downWorld ^_^

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