downWorld Frost Armor Set (Casters)

2011 Frost Armor Box
(Caster Class Only)

Soon, you’ll be able to get Frost Armor items. These items will boost your defense like never before!

Click here to buy (November 1st, 2011) | Click here to see Breaker Class

Pelagic Armor

Pelagic Staff & Dagger

Pelagic Diadem

Pelagic Scarf

Pelagic Belts

Pelagic Knee Pads

Pelagic Boots

downWorld Frost Armor Box (Breakers)

2011 Frost Armor Box
(Breaker Class Only)

Soon, you’ll be able to get Frost Armor items. These items will boost your defense like never before!

Click here to buy (November 1st, 2011)

Frost Armor Helmet

Frost Armor Swords

Frost Armor Shoulder Pads

Frost Armor Vest

Frost Armor Belts

Frost Armor Braces

Frost Armor Shields

Frost Armor Knee Pads

Frost Armor Boots

downWorld Items: Horns and Halos

downWorld Items: Horns

downWorld Wings | downWorld Elite Pass

downWorld will release these stylish and stat-boosting horns! Now you should have no problem beating monsters and gaining XP. And if that wasn’t enough, you should be able to collect some coins too. It isn’t clear whether these items will cost gems or not. Be on the lookout for these new items!

If you’d like to see all the horns then leave a comment. Thanks downWorlders ^_^

downWorld Dusk Battle Box


DownWorld Dusk Battle Box

The Dusk Battle Box is for caster class only.  All the items inside the box are listed below.
Crammed full of super-powered weapons, which one will you pull out?

Flayne Shardstaff
Meteora Bendix
Telocene Varicade
Catalyte Darkmoor
Farseer Arae Obscura
Glimmerine Archanox

downWorld Items: Wings

downWorld will soon release these epic wings for your warrior to wear!  These items will cost gems.  But it’s worth it.   Depending on the wings, you can gain an extra % of coins dropped from fallen enemies or extra % of experience points.

There are 20 different wings.  Each set of wings have 8 different colors.  Wings are determined by level.  The higher the level, the better the wings and bigger boosts.

Here’s a preview of how the wings will look below.

Wings 001 Wings 002
Wings 003 Wings 004
Wings 005 Wings 006
Wings 007 Wings 008
Wings 009 Wings 010
Wings 011 Wings 012
Wings 013 Wings 014
Wings 015 Wings 016
Wings 017 Wings 018
Wings 019 Wings 020

Not sure which names go to what items yet.  But here are the names anyway:

  • Aviox Wings
  • Cosmion Wings
  • Shard Wings
  • Sparlite Wings
  • Galfor Wings (5% more coins)
  • Radiorus Wings (10% more coins)
  • Charaxes Wings (15% more coins)
  • Feather Thorn Wings (20% more coins)
  • Occulus Wings (25% more coins)
  • Vindex Caelu Wings (30% more coins)
  • Sorendal Wings (5% more xp)
  • Astrophil Wings (10% more xp)
  • Opteryx Wings (15% more xp)
  • Cygnus Wings (20% more xp)
  • Neoaves Wings (25% more xp)
  • Peregrine Wings (30% more xp)

If you want to help then leave some comments below.  It’s greatly appreciated and very helpful.  Thanks!

Battle Boxes in ourWorld

Disregard what we said about the Oblivion Box coming to downWorld, because it isn’t.  The Oblivion Box along with the Radiant Box are being shipped to ourWorld!

These boxes will be available Monday after the update on ourWorld.  Click here to play ourWorld.

downWorld Pixie Pets

downWorld Pixie Pets are coming! Hopefully, these will help boost your stats!!!

Flying Pigeon Pumbaa

What do you guys think? Are they ferocious enough to help you conquer evil!?

downWorld Coin Box

downWorld Coin Box downWorld Super Coin

downWorld Coin Box contains 1 of the following Super Coins:

  • 5000 Super Coin
  • 1000 Super Coin
  • 500 Super Coin
  • 250 Super Coin