Wired Wilderness Altered Jungle
Chaos Crossing
Cosmic Caverns
Crash Site
Derelict Descent
Elixir Cafe
Forsaken Forest
Hawking Basin
Hermit’s Hideaway
Hub 1: Outpost
Layer’s Edge
Planck’s Pass
The Stronghold
Schematic City Breach
Consolidated Labs
Financial Sector
Hub 2: Safe House
Immersion Generator
Industrial District
Lower East Side 

  • 110th St.
  • Bodega
  • Docks
  • Projects

Megalectro Tower

  • Administration
  • Skybridge
  • Observation Deck


  • Chamber 28-G
  • Conduit 8-C
  • Corridor 37
  • Junction 10-A
  • Septic Lake

Storage Sector

  • Warehouse F72
  • Warehouse K39
  • Warehouse X66
Other Armory

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