Hub 2: Schematic City

The Hub: Level 2

Level 2 connects to Wolf Headquarters

  • morrison0667

    i entered there that stupitd trash monster i defeatet

  • I love nothing

    I enter the Hub 2, can someone help me how to defeat the stupid trash monsters in one shot?!

    • SoundBlaster

      you mean Fields?

      Well it usually has only one active hand – make sure your attack points are bigger then his life field. Make sure he doesn’t attack you first – by using the colors he needs to attack. That’s about it what’s in your power to do. A bit of fighting spirit and you should be on your way.

      ps: if you’re referring to something else, let me know – I’m in the S.City as well.

  • O_o

    Actually it’s better to just buy elite and save your gems for armor and weapons.

  • Brianna Heywood

    I wasted 20 gems too. i coulda gotten somthin better than the stupid crystal!

  • Sam Ricketts

    i think i wasted twenty gems tryna get in layer 2 cause its sooo hard

  • skitelzz

    I Cant Do It Theres No Way I Could Get To Hub 2 ~skitelzz

  • Hailey1924

    I REALLY WANT TO GET INTO HUB 3 AND 2. and i have 50 gems rite now but i am saving up for wings. and if i do it rite now then it’ll be a waste. when i knew that it codt 50 gems the fun jumped rite out of me literally downworld was so fun at first but then when i saw all my friends going to hub 2 and 3 i was like i am quiting downworld so i did goodbye 4ever

  • Haliey1924

    u need 50 gems to get in there r u trying to sell us out! hey whatever happened to free for all level 20 and over.

  • anon

    I need 50 gems to get there! 

  • Vaki14

    im lvl. 15,i finished all the hub 1 quests and EVERY monster in hub 1 is easy for me i beat them in less than 1 minute so can anyone tell me at what lvl. can i go to hub 2 cuz it keeps saying im a too low lvl….

    • Epicpiedude999

      hey my downworld name is Epicpiedude999 and i need help. Can you help me?

    • Watchthisspace

      I went at level 9 and 10 and I survived with level 6 weaponry :)

  • qwerty

    this sucks I need this crystal to enter.
    The fun just jumped out of me when I knew about this -_-
    Now I’m having trouble with gems, and getting bored with hub 1

  • Manny Shoots

    I got a glich for layers

    • Topspin

      does that include entering WITHOUT tolerance? If yes then plz tell.

  • Redxtra

    ok nvm you had to go into ur invetory and use it lol.

  • Redxtra

    so i got the crystal and yet i cant enter 

  • Dohz


  • Jerome Gonzales

    is there a lvl to come here? q.q

    • Codyneumeyer

      go to the layer’s edge after talking to dawn feckler and beating all of her objectives ( she’s found in the cosmic caverns after the deathwalker) beat the layer’s edge and you’ll gain access to schematic city!

  • :D

    if u need 50 gems then just watch a bunch of videos for gems. that what im doing and now i have 47! :)

    • Vaki14

      Well some ppl like me live in countrys where u cant watch those videos…

  • Arlene

    anyone have a DW if you do my name on it is supernova

  • xPP

    can somebody help me i dont have enought gems i have 25 and i need 50 :(       my name on downworld is Bani19

  • Siddharthed

    I need to buy a Flow tolerance crystal to enter Level 2.
    Does this get fixed as we proceed through high levels?
    I am only level 9 and i want help.

  • Siddharth Bhatt

    I need some Flow tolerance crystal to get there.

  • Koolgal158

    so unfair!!
    Downworld is a great game yet sadly they put this price on the game!
    I knew there was going to be a catch as soon as  i started the game.
    It is not my fault my parents won’t pay for me to be elite member and buying gems through my mobile is SO much!!
    It used to be £5 for 170 gems which i could barely pay but now it is £6 for 168 gems.
    That’s all my monthly credit gone!
    SO unfair!!
    Please change the pricing of gem flowplay please!! ;(

  • Guest

    I can’t enter!!! WHY?!

  • July AGS

    I cant even enter here, I need 50 gems and I just have 24 :/

  • Lone Wolf x3

    I hope you get gems soon! Its really hard, Layer 2 and I know EXACTLY how you’re feeling. I’m trying to get into Layer 3 but sadly it costs 100 gems.

  • xXNidhiXx

    cant enter due to lack of gems

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