The End of downWorld

downWorld will be closing September 1st, 2013

Yes, you read it right.  downWorld will be closing coming Fall of this year.  I’ll answer a few of your questions regarding downWorld.

The company who created downWorld (and ourworld and vegasworld) is called FlowPlay. FlowPlay created downWorld in 2011, but development slowed to a halt in the beginning of 2012 due to lack of players.  downWorld wasn’t making enough money.

Okay.  So you’re probably wondering, “Sooo Skye. WHAT HAPPENS TO MY PLAYER?!!”  Well to sum everything up in one sentence, YOU LOSE EVERYTHING!  You will no longer be able to play downWorld.  Your character’s data is erased.  And all the time and effort you spent making your player “Elite” is now gone.  But here’s the good news, you can always go outside and breathe a breath of fresh air.  You’ve accomplished a lot.

So now what?  I’ll keep this blog up for as long as possible, or until we sell the domain name.  And who knows?  Maybe someday downWorld will rise from the ashes and they’ll come out with an even better game.  Until then, thanks to everyone who supported downWorld.  You will surely be missed.

What are some of your favorite moments in downWorld?
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Name Icons

downWorld has added name icons from ourWorld, you can now change that elite icon to something else! Keep in mind this update is only for elites.

- Calico

downWorld Update – Front Page

I have checked out the administrator server, and saw new updates that are coming very soon for all of you!  The front page of downWorld will be a little different.  I personally think it’s too simple, but what do you think?

I actually like it.  I’m just fine with simple.  Although I do think that the “for free!” should be inside the “Play Now” box.


New Login Screen

downWorld is about to have a brand spanking new login screen!

Now potential players will be able to watch the downWorld trailer before signing up.  This new login screen also looks more epic, and I feel that it suits the game better!

Also, did anybody else notice that they’ve removed the Beta tag?  Not really anything big, but I just thought that I’d point it out.

Instant Friends!

Simply click on the person that you want to be friends with and their menu will pop up.  The Add Friend button will be located between the Group Invite button and the Block or Flag button.

Clicking the Add Friend button will automatically send a Friend Request to that person.  You will not recieve an ‘Are you sure?’ message.  Be sure not to accidentally click that button, otherwise you’ll have a new friend.

Clicking this button will not send an email.  If it did, then this wouldn’t necesarily be called Instant Friending.  Clicking this button will instantly pop up a box on the other player’s screen.  They can choose to accept you or to deny you right then and there.  If you aren’t near the person you want to friend, though, then you can still use the old friending method.  It still exists.

downWorld Official Trailer

FlowPlay made a sick video of downWorld, a short minute video… but is totally worth watching it!

Upcoming downWorld News!

Upcoming downWorld News


Now, once Elite, always Elite!

Elite Deal!

Pay a small amount ONCE and be Elite FOREVER!

Free Layers for Elites!

Become Elite and enter all Layers for free!

Hideouts and Player Dungeons!

Coming soon!

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Upcoming downWorld News

Upcoming downWorld News

We’re gonna begin posting more often!

Updates for November 28th, 2011 (est.)
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downWorld Battle Board

See the highest ranking downWorld players by visiting the Battle Board!

downWorld Forums

Soon, downWorld will introduce a forum where you can discuss the latest news, guides and more!

downWorld Marketplace

Trade some items on the marketplace!
Make your downWorld character stronger than ever

It seems more people are beginning to play downWorld!
Get in the game!

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