Layer 6 Sneak Peeks!

Layer 6 will be arriving in downWorld soon!

Are you ready?!

Here are some sneak peeks to give you a glimpse of what you should get yourself ready against…

downWorld Basics: Multiple Accounts

Multiple downWorld Accounts

No more having to go through the hassle of making millions of noobs!
Create multiple downWorld Accounts, from your existing one.

Whenever you visit your user profile, you’ll see a button by your fighter class.  Click the button so the Identity Manager appears.  Add a new downWorld identity and start the game all over, from a level 1 noob!  The noob’s name will be your existing username, as well.  Oh.  And don’t worry about your existing downWorld account.  It will still be there, with all your items, if you ever want to switch back.  I’m not sure how many noobs you can add.  However, it does cost gems after you add your first noob.

Please Note: The noob account will have everything your primary account has.  If your main was an Elite Member, then your noob will be an Elite Member.  If you had gems on your main, then your noob has those gems too (same with coins).

The best way to get gems, quickly, on downWorld is to create an entirely new account using an email.  After you’ve signed in and confirmed that account, then become an elite through it.  It will cost you $5.99 but it’s so worth it.  Not only will you get the 150 gems, but you will also get bonus gems as well.  Now simply gift your main account with whatever items you need.  Yeah, it cost money… but it’s the best deal you’ll find on downWorld!  It’s even better than any of those silly ads.  For the amount of time it takes to watch an hour of ads, you might as well get a minimum wage paying job and simply buy gems.

Anyway, that’s all. I wrote a little more about downWorld today, heheh. Sorry for the long read!  See yah in the game ^_^

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Upcoming downWorld News

Upcoming downWorld News

We’re gonna begin posting more often!

Updates for November 28th, 2011 (est.)
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downWorld Battle Board

See the highest ranking downWorld players by visiting the Battle Board!

downWorld Forums

Soon, downWorld will introduce a forum where you can discuss the latest news, guides and more!

downWorld Marketplace

Trade some items on the marketplace!
Make your downWorld character stronger than ever

It seems more people are beginning to play downWorld!
Get in the game!

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New downWorld Character?!

It looks like Megalectro Vendor, located on Hub 1: Outpost, just wasn’t good enough… It looks like he’s been replaced by the girl, Lexia, below.

You’ve got to admit, she looks way cooler than Megalectro ever did :P

downWorld Trading System

downWorld recently introduced a new trading system.  It’s simple and easy to use (genius, really).

See an item you like?  Click the Buy button.  Before you confirm your purchase, you’ll see an added feature asking if you’d like to “trade an item for shop credit?”  Pick trade.  If you have an item in your inventory worth gems, then you’ll be able to exchange it for your desired item.  See the steps below for a visual explanation:

Step 1: Pick A Trade

Trade an item for shop credit?  Click Pick a Trade!

Step 2: Pick item to trade

If you have an item worth gems in your inventory, then you can choose to trade credit for the desired item.
I chose to trade 1 of my Eclipse Battle Boxes for 18 credits.

Step 3: Confirm Purchase

Instead of paying the 200 gems for the Cryolite Set, you now pay 182 gems.
This is because I chose to trade my Eclipse Box for 18 gems.

downWorld Mall

[Click image for bigger picture!]

The downWorld Mall has a ton of shops and new NPC’s.  Here are few of its features:

  • Armor & Weapons
  • Marketplace Quick-Shop
  • Style Shop (Hair)
  • Create a Crew
  • Battle Arena
We were a little late on the update, on this one.  I’ll try updating more often now that I have some time.



downWorld Winter Updates: November 2011

Upcoming News

We’re gonna begin posting more often!

Updates for November 14th, 2011 (est.)
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Improved Inventory

Find everything you need, fast!  Easier time comparing and swapping items.

Style Shop

Why go to battle with BAD HAIR?  Blow them away with killer style.

Swap Avatars

Make multiple accounts and… Multiply the fun!
Keep your account while becoming a whole new fighter!

Buy Resets

Want to change your skill set?  Unhappy with the downWorld Surges?
Buy some resets and put those skill points into something good!

Enemy Spells

downWorld just got tougher.  Some of the “craftier” enemies can now cast spells!

downWorld Frost Armor Set (Casters)

2011 Frost Armor Box
(Caster Class Only)

Soon, you’ll be able to get Frost Armor items. These items will boost your defense like never before!

Click here to buy (November 1st, 2011) | Click here to see Breaker Class

Pelagic Armor

Pelagic Staff & Dagger

Pelagic Diadem

Pelagic Scarf

Pelagic Belts

Pelagic Knee Pads

Pelagic Boots