New downWorld Dusk Battle Box

Dusk Battle Box

Capture a new battle box!
Crammed full of tons of super-powered weapons, which one will you pull out?

downWorld Videos: Intro to downWorld

downWorld Tutorial
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Getting Started

Welcome to downWorld – a new world to explore as you delve deep into the planet.

What is downWorld?

A series layers doing ever deeper.

Express Yourself!

Collect great weapons and armor.

Defeat monsters and find treasure

Find and fight opponents in the world and take their loot.

Connect with your Friends

In downWorld you can chat, post comments and send messages to your friends in a safe and fun environment.

Own the world

Become a champion of downWorld.

downWorld Videos: Caster Invincibility

Aegis Reflector Invincibility
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Best downWorld Cheat yet! When Aegis Reflector is active, Casters cannot be killed.

downWorld Videos: Winged Terror Boss

Winged Terror Boss
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Flowplay Inc. – downWorld Beta (BattleCraft)

The music in the vid is from Pokemon. It was never in the game, ever.

downWorld News: September 19th

Upcoming News

Updates for September 19th, 2011
Click the titles to read more! 

The Arena

Visit the downWorld Arena and battle your closest friends!

downWorld Player vs. Player

Fight your friends.  Who will win?
Casters or Breakers?!

downWorld Trading System

downWorld has a new trading system that is totally awesome!
Always have the latest and greatest gear by trading in what you’ve outgrown.

Exploration of Wired Wilderness

We have added on to our Quest Guide with how to beat the two new Dawn Feckler quests.  You can view the rest of the guide here.  To access these quests head over to the Outpost on Wired Wilderness and speak to Dawn.

Mission Eight:  The Low Down

  1. Go to the Low Lands
  2. Kill one monster
  3. Return to Dawn

Mission Nine:  Obscura

  1. Go to Shadow Ridge
  2. Kill one monster
  3. Return to Dawn

New Dawn Feckler Challenges

Dawn Feckler at the Outpost in Wired Wilderness has two new challenges!

There are also two new places!  Go explore Shadow Ridge and the Low Lands of Wired Wilderness!

Mike Shinoda Outfit

Mike Shinoda is one of the singers of Linkin Park.  He also plays keyboard and guitar on some songs.

Outfit by cach.

Outfit for ourWorld.