downWorld Headquarters Glitch

Take a look at the photo below

We’re standing on the right side of Headquarters!  You can do it too, but you’ll need a friend.  Here’s how:

  1. Go to WOLF Headquarters and have your friend stand where Radu is (as shown in the above pic)
  2. Now locate your friend and travel to their location
  3. Upon arrival, you’ll be position to the right of the screen
  4. Have a look around!  We think downWorld will add a new area here, eventually
-Thank you Radu for the tip!

downWorld EXP Cheat

You can earn XP by entering in the downworld cheat below:

Type in “test-mode 42
Press enter (a saying will appear)

Next type in “cryptobiologist
Press enter  (another saying will appear)

You can only use this cheat once per day.  At first, you’ll earn 5xp.  If used daily, the amount of experience earned will increase by 5xp.  For example:

Day 1: 5xp
Day 2: 10xp
Day 3: 15xP
And so on…

Remember to use this cheat daily.  If you miss a day, the usual amount of XP you earn will decrease.  Miss enough days and it will reset back to 5xp per day!

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